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71% of young marketing entrants believe they’ve missed out on essential training

Would-be gen Z marketers are struggling to get a foot in the door

The far-reaching consequences of Covid-19 continue to reverberate, with a devastating impact on marketing training and opportunities for young people according to new research conducted by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

It found that while close to half of 16-24-year-olds have considered a career in marketing, three-quarters believe they have missed out on training opportunities due to the virus.

A crisis of confidence

  • The online survey paints a bleak picture of disrupted learning, with an overwhelming 71% believing that they have missed out on training opportunities as a consequence of Covid-19.

  • As a result, 36% of students have lost confidence in their ability, prompting 35% to undertake additional training to make up for lost ground.

  • Marketing remains a coveted profession, with 46% of this age cohort considering it a top career choice.

Disrupted learning

  • CIM is calling on universities, businesses and training providers to step up to the plate to better equip young people beginning their working lives.

  • This follows massive disruption to university life, which has left many confused and apprehensive about entering an uncertain labor market.

  • In desperation, many have resorted to funding their training, but 72% expect employers to step in and compensate for a loss of skills during lockdown atrophy.

  • CIM chief exec Chris Daly said: ”It’s great that a career in marketing is popular among gen Zers, but our research shows that competition for entry-level roles is tougher than ever. Coupled with Covid-enforced delays and redundancies, it really is an employers’ market.

  • ”Sadly, many students feel it necessary to differentiate themselves by gaining additional qualifications alongside a degree to help them secure their dream job. Increasingly we are seeing more students undertake additional training and unpaid internships to help them stand out from the crowd and secure an entry-level role.”

  • Amid the ructions, marketing remains as popular as ever as a career choice, with 46% considering it to be a top choice and 22% believing it to be a safe career route.

  • Enforced isolation has pushed many to reassess their priorities, with 37% reappraising the quality of life they can lead within their chosen profession.


  • The survey of 1,000 British 16-24-year-olds was conducted by Opinium, on behalf of CIM, between July 28 and August 3.

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