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The Drum releases edited presentation of the Awards for Marketing's 40 award-winning campaigns

The Drum Awards for Marketing ceremony last week was the perfect platform to showcase some of the best thinking and most innovative marketing strategies from the past year. rAnd for those that missed the hybrid event, The Drum has launched an edited video of the event to give readers an insight into how the 40 featured campaigns were made - a valuable resource for marketers looking to learn from these winners.

The show was one of the first hybrid events organised by The Drum and saw both a live audience and online audience attend which also marked the debut opening of its newly-launched event space known as The Drum Labs.

The show was attended by over 1,340 people online, with 560 joining through The Drum’s portal and another 780 connecting through LinkedIn. A further 30 people made it to The Drum’s newly launched events venue, The Labs, as per current UK government restrictions. The space will trial new initiatives and house pioneering tech installations.

The show celebrates the efforts made by brands and marketing teams to get to know their customers and features work from anywhere in the world, showcasing some of the world's biggest brands including KFC, Amazon Prime, Microsoft Xbox, TikTok, Weetabix, Warner Bros and more.

2021 was a record year for entries, a high number of which came from oversea, including from India, China and the US.

The jury – made up of senior marketers from the likes of Peloton, Diageo, McDonald’s Philippines, Unicef USA, TikTok and Activision Blizzard Esports, all led by Nishma Robb, director of brand and reputation marketing at Google UK – was looking for work with clear measurables that captivated consumers’ imaginations and delivered on objectives.

You can watch an edited video of the award shows below, which features clips of the winning work.

The Drum’s co-founder and award host Gordon Young adds: “The aim of the award show was to make the winning work the hero of the event. We are really keen to share the their stories to as wide an audience as possible to help others learn by what they got right.

"Running the entire show is part of this strategy. On the evening thousands tuned in. However, I suspect over the coming months many more will want to view this award winning work.“

As well as publishing this video, all the individual case studies are also available to view on The Drum website with complete credits listed below.

See the full list of The Drum Awards for Marketing 2021 winners here.