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Ad of the Day: Veloretti puts a middle finger up to cars with a 76km bike ride

Dutch bike brand Veloretti has mixed technology with cycling in a bid to prove that bikes are the future.

The 'Future Belongs to Bikes' campaign follows a coder cycling through the areas of Amsterdam not often featured on postcards, while a computer tracks his data and location in real time.

The machine reveals the 76.8km journey throughout the cycle-friendly city sketched out the message, ‘Fuck cars’.

Created by Anomaly, the campaign takes inspiration from the frequent accidents between cars and bikes that often result in cross words and crude language. Backed by UK-based artist Rival Consoles, the video shows the how a bike gives accessibility to different parts of a city in a bid to get more people pedalling.

Ferry Zonder, founder of Veloretti, said: "We believe in cycling as the sustainable mode of transport for the future and hope to encourage people all over the world to take up cycling as an integral way to improve our environment and the way we interact with our urban landscape."

The film is part of the bike brand's online campaign, which it claims will prove "once and for all that bicycles own the cities".

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